Get Your Students Moving in the Classroom

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If your students are anything like mine (and I’m sure they are!), they need a LOT of movement during the day.  Movement helps them to get their energy out, keeps them engaged, and makes learning a bit more fun!

There are so many great ways to get kids moving during a lesson. Here are some of my favorites:

1.    Go Noodle – What a FUN website!  There’s a FREE version - all you need to do is sign up and you will then have access to videos, games, and activities that your kids will enjoy. The videos vary in length, energy level, and types of exercises (yoga, dancing, stretching, etc).  There are even videos that focus on different content areas.  I love to use them as movement/brain breaks between activities.  It’s a great way to engage students, get them active, and even improve concentration.  

2.    Yoga balls/ball chairs – My students absolutely love them…and for some students, it really does help to improve concentration!  These are great for flexible seating – my students can sit anywhere in the room that they want during independent/partner work.  They can bounce and get their wiggles out just by sitting on the chairs. 

3.    Throwing a ball to review/practice concepts – One of my favorite ways to get my students moving is by throwing them a little foam football and asking them questions.  The questions can be about anything you’re doing in class – math facts, spelling words, science vocabulary, and comprehension questions about a novel you’re reading.

4.    Math fluency exercise activities – Many of my students really struggle with remembering their math facts.  So, I made exercise activities that help my kids practice their facts and give them a chance to MOVE! The way it works is – you show your students a multiplication fact (or other operation), they solve it, and the product is the amount of a certain exercise they need to do. The exercises include jogging in place, jumping jacks, crunches, yoga poses, and many others.  Sometimes I have my whole group do it together; other times, I have my students around my room, station to station.  I’ve used them as a movement/brain break, a station activity, partner practice, task cards, and even a quick assessment.
     You can grab a copy of my Multiplication Exercise Activity FREEBIE by clicking here- I hope your students enjoy it as they practice their facts!

How do you get your students moving in the classroom?!
Comment below with what you do! 
Happy Moving!

Lauren from Lessons By Lauren

by Lauren

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