Winter Greetings from Firstieland!

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Hey friends! I'm happy to stop by Conversations from the Classroom and say hi! I'm of the collaborators of this fantastic blog and I'll be checking in with you each month to let you know some of the fun things that are happening over my way in Firstieland. I've been teaching in the great state of OH-I-O for 29 years  - 21 years in Kindergarten and a few years ago I graduated to First Grade.  I'm so happy I made the jump! Loved my little Kindy's but these Fab Firsties have it going on! We have a blast every day and I'd love to share some of our adventures....the highs and the lows.  

So here's a little about me....I'm a mom of two wonderful boys that are the love of my life and I'm engaged to the nicest guy in the world.  Surrounded by love! 

I'm also the mom of the sweetest puppy ever....Maisie 🐶.  She's my best friend and always by my side.  Plus...I work with the best crew in the world!  Our principal dubbed us the Fab 5 (minus my bestie who retired this year....sad face....😢) and we have fun every day. When you work with a crew of amazing women like is good!

When I'm not teaching or driving my son to one event or another ( know what i'm talking about!) I'm either making miniature room boxes (I little teeny passion of mine....) or I'm working on my blog "Firstieland"  or making new fabulous products for my TPT store.  

That's a little bit about me and my life.... So what's going on in Firstieland?

Well lately we've been working on our Writing!! Geez....sometimes I feel like I am pulling out my hair trying to get those firsties to write a decent sentence! But lately it feels like we may have turned a corner!! We have been using my mini units that incorporate Science & Social Studies with writing....and the kids love them! 

Last week we were learning all about Winter Weather (It finally snowed here in Ohio....yea!! ❄️❄️) we took some time to learn about how water changes in the winter.  We did a cool experiment to see what would make ice melt the fastest:



We read some stories about Winter Weather- including the one that is in my Winter Weather Mini Unit called "Frosty Winter Weather - How Water Changes In Winter"and.....

we made a web about how water changes. My Fab Firsties wrote some fantastic
reports about what they had learned:

If you'd like to read even more about this lesson you can check it out on my classroom blog here.  Or you can take a closer peek at the unit on my TPT store here. It's part of a great bundle of winter writing units:

Before I sign off, I want to let you know about another great integrated writing unit I just put in my TPT store TODAY! And just in time for Valentine's's my Valentine's Day Social Studies and Writing Mini Unit.  It includes a detailed lesson plan, full color non fiction text about Valentine's Day, pre and post assessments, leveled writing templates with built in rubrics and an adorable Valentine craft! You can take a closer look here.


Well friends......thanks for taking a minute out of your day to get to know me and my crew!  I hope you'll stop by Conversations from the Classroom often.  There are so many talented teachers here and I know, if you're like me, you'll pick up some good tips.  I'll be back on the 4th of each month with a little story to tell.....and until then you can check in with me at my classroom blog, 'cause there's always something fun happening in ......

by Firstieland

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