5 Things to do if Your Administrator is Difficult

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Let’s face it, we’ve all heard about teachers who have had problems with administrators.  It is a growing trend.  The reality is, just like for teachers, their jobs are changing.  They are under constant threat of loss of jobs due to behavior choices, poor administrative task completion, and the dreaded test scores.  Even good administrators have flipped on a dime!  So what is a teacher to do!  Here are some ideas.

Look to Your Faith for Help  
Honestly, this is a MUST!  When we begin to ask for help spiritually, we can begin to see that person as a human and in need of help and support as well as us.  It can also put our behavior in the spotlight, showing us what we need to do to change and grow, even if it isn’t “me”.  When we reflect through scripture readings or other spiritual options, we can begin to find the peace we need to battle through, and back, in a more positive, understanding way.

Support Each Other
It is typical of teachers to bail on the “ONE” that the administrator is going after, even if they know that person is innocent or is being specifically targeted.  Why, oh why, do we do this!  There is safety in numbers, and support.  When we band together and support one anther, the least that happens is that person still feels like part of the staff.  One thing that is the goal of most administrative issues is to get that person to feel alone.  NOT GOOD!  We must support each other!  If you are currently the “ONE”, go to other teachers and ask for help in whatever area it is that you are struggling in.  We all have stories of things we’ve seen or times we’ve worked through similar problems.  You need to get other teachers to help you and be there for  you.  Remaining positive is key.  Don’t always point to the administrator, but ask what you can do to make it better and hear what they have to say. 

Get the Help of Your Local Union  
Yes, you must get this kind of help.  If the ultimate goal of any kind of issue is to get you alone, you need to find support through your union.  Join it, learn, and use their services.  What you say is and can always be used against you.  Stop yourself and ask for union representation!  Do not believe that you can stand alone and win.  This is rare.  They want you to be isolated and helpless.  Get the help right away.  If that means you have to join, join!  In this day and age, that membership is worth its weight in GOLD! 

Stop Taking Home Extra Work!  
Yep, that’s right!  This goes against everything we want to do when there is trouble in our work lives!   However, you will need to recoup and recover from the trials of the day or the time you are walking through.  Don’t try and cover yourself with work to fix the problem.  You need to breathe at home-finding hope and strength to get through the next day!    Just by being free at night, you may discover something about the situation that can help you the next day to make it through!  Rely on this time to bring clarity and hope for your situation.  It’s worth it!

Yep, over and over again.  Not in a way that is fake or uncaring.  Not in a way that makes people think you are a total crazy woman.  But, in a way that all of the things above  are pointing too!  You have to know that the system is so broken right now that no one knows which way is up!  That means you aren’t alone, because somewhere, someone is with you in this journey.  It may be that smiling kid that is happy everyday because you are there with them.  Isn’t that worth the smile, for just that kid!  Maybe today you did an AWESOME lesson-who cares if no one saw it-SMILE!  Every day there is something to smile about.  And one smile can make two, and two can make four, until happiness is bigger than the one time that that administrator is around.  The happier you are, the more likely the situation will turn for the better.  Why, because you decided on being happy! 

I hope I’ve given you some good points to think about.  If, today, this is you, and your administrator has “come at you”, stop and work through some of these ideas.  You just may find that you can carry on and you CAN do this thing! When you get to the other side, you will see all that carried you through and be thankful for the growth and change within you too! 

by Julie from The Best Days Classroom

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