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Working with k-2 students to understand numbers and their relationships can be very difficult.  Especially with all the standards and information that has to be covered in a year!  I have really been focusing on ways to work with numbers simply in a daily manner that can be incorporated easily, and I have been amazed at the growth!

We have been subitizing!

Subitilizing is the ability to see a small amount of objects and know how many there are without counting. Subitizing is what tells you what number you roll on a six sided dice – you must practice until counting is no longer necessary...when you don't need to can subitize! Check out ZippadeeZazz's post for more info.

We looked at dot pictures, discussed what we saw and then colored the heart chunk that matched!

On another day, we discussed the dot pictures during our morning meeting.

We sat in circle and discussed.  We passed the card around the circle, switched partners, and discussed with the partner on the other side 

 Here are a few questions to guide your discussions.

Questions for discussion:

How many dots did you see?
• How did you know how many?
• How did you know that was _____?
• How did you see it?
• What did you see?
• Did anyone see it a different way?

It is so important to not to comment on answers!  You are trying to understand the thought process that is happening in the students' heads!  It also develops students' understanding of how to explain what they are thinking!  Other may get a few ideas too!

We have been counting on a number path!

Yes, we work on a number path instead of a number line and it has made such a difference.  We started with just counting to 20 while pointing to the numbers.  Then we practiced writing the numbers.
Click to get free number path pattern.
Now we are working on writing the numbers with a twist.  I ask, "Write to the number 1 less than 9."  So tricky! Click on the picture above to get your free number path!

We have been hopping!

Yes, we hop a lot!  Roll a dice, hop to the number, turn around and hop back! Just think of all those skills covered!! Plus it's fun!!!

What do you do  to build number sense?

by Debora Marines

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