Fun Easter Writing Prompt

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Hey guys! Julie here from Big Ideas For Little Hands! Can you believe that it is almost Easter! Time for egg hunts, candy, bunnies, and finally warmer weather!!!

One of my favorite Easter books is The Best Easter Eggs Ever! Three little bunnies try to help the Easter Bunny by decorating an egg to see which egg is the best and chosen for Easter. 
 Image result for the best easter egg book

For this activity, the kids decorate an egg and write a letter to the Easter Bunny telling him why he should choose their egg. This is a great persuasive writing activity to use with your class!

 I have a little freebie for you. Click on the picture below to download your freebie.
 "You should pick my egg because it is the best and beautiful."

 "You will love my egg. I know it because it is pretty."

 "I think you should pick my egg because it has you on it."

"You should pick my egg because it is pretty."

Hope your kids enjoy as much as we did!!!

by Julie Davis

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