Letter Recognition

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A child's knowledge of the alphabet starts during their toddler years. The more they see of words and individual letters will speed up their learning - sharing books is key to encouraging an interest in the way words are formed.

Learning individual letters and their associated sounds are instrumental in providing a key foundation for skills in reading and spelling. The more exposure the child has at an early age will really assist them with their learning once they go into a school environment. 

Young children have notoriously short attention spans so it is really important that we keep activities short, fun and as interactive as possible! Children struggle to learn when bored so if you see their attention slipping, switch it up! Play a game, do a worksheet, read a book, use a white board, etc. 

Children are curious by nature so play on that curiosity - ask them what they think they should be able to spell. Most children will declare their wish to spell their name, "Mommy", Daddy, their toy, their pet, etc. That's great! It's brilliant to start a foundation for learning with something they chose - it will make them more eager to achieve their own personal goal.

I have been receiving great feedback about one of my new resources for Letter Recognition:

This is becoming one of my favorite resources to use with my kiddo's as their response has been breath taking.

Here is a free sample for you to give it a go - see how well your kiddo's respond to this multi-sensory, interactive worksheet (just right-click, save, and print):

by ZippadeeZazz

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