Learning Reflection

7:30 AM

 It is so fun to take some time, look back at the year and think about how things have changed with each student and as a class!   It's not the end of the year, but fun to remember!

Looking at what they are doing now, it's hard to believe that letters and sounds were not known!  Letters had to be practiced and games had to played over and over and over and over... to have the letters be remembered.  Multiple ways of tracing was needed to reinforce how to make the letters!

Now they are writing words! Yes, they can stretch the words, understand the letter that goes with each sound, and then write the letter shape!  Think about all those steps!  Way harder than we think!

 Learning sounds was so difficult in the beginning at the year.  It was so difficult to make our mouths go in the right direction as we made the sounds...let alone remember which sound went with which letter!  Listening for the sounds in words took so much time.  
Sound sheets link.
Now we are able to write multiple syllable words! without help from the teacher!  When did this learning happen? Amazing!

At the beginning of the year, we had difficulty remembering each others names!  I was called, "Teacher,"  FOREVER! and now we greet each other by name, shake, hands, read words, and compliment each other easily!  Now most days I am Mrs. Marines with only a few "moms." Check out our morning meeting blog post that explains how we incorporate reading with morning meetings to make learning fun!

Take a minute, step back and think about all the learning that has taken place this year!  So exciting and fun!

What learning are you most proud of in your classroom?

by Debora Marines

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