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Earth Day will be celebrated this Saturday April 22nd.  We will not be in school on that day, but this week is a perfect time to incorporate some activities that help students understand their role in helping our planet.

Earth Day was originally celebrated on April 22nd, 1970.  It was a nationwide demonstration where many Americans protested against pollution and the destruction of the environment.  Forty-seven years later, this day is celebrated around the world to draw attention to environmental issues across the globe.

The Kindergarten classes at my school always do a trash walk around the playground with gloves and trash bags on Earth Day.  They collect the trash and then display it for the rest of the school. Every student benefits from seeing how much litter is present in a place they visit almost every day.  Another Earth Day activity our 2nd graders have done is a recycling project.  This is a home project where students are asked to reuse something at home to create something new.  I love to watch these projects arrive at school.  Their creativity is amazing.  My favorite creation over the years was a pair of flip flops made from rolls of recycle newspapers.

Lesson Plans and Resources:

I have compiled a list of links to some of my favorite resource pages for Earth Day:

Scholastic Earth Day Resources
This website has lesson plans and projects for a variety of ages.  

The website focuses on the global water crisis.  There are activities and lessons for all age groups.

There are more than twenty lesson plans, activities, or projects to help you teach about Earth Day.

This site has lesson plans and curriculum for grades K-5.

One of my favorite websites.  There are videos, projects, activities, and printables all in one easy place.

I hope your class has a wonderful Earth Day!  Please share your Earth Day ideas in the comments below.  

by A Spot of Curriculum

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