Math Games for MAY!

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It's the end of the year for many of us in the south!

Those last few weeks can either FLY BY or drag on FOREVER!

Each May we play lots of math games to keep us on task and engaged.

More than anything they help me keep my SANITY!

Guess My Number!

This laminated chart has been with me for several years.  It is super easy to use.

Pick a "secret number" and write it on a sticky note.  Put the note in your pocket.

The kids take turns asking YES or NO questions to try and figure out what the "secret number" is.  If someone guesses the number, they get to be the next teacher.  Just write on the laminated chart with dry erase marker and it comes off so you can play another round.  You can use any set of numbers that would work well for your age kiddos.  The kids love this game!

ZANG Card Game

We teach beginning multiplication skills at the end of the year.  We work on 0, 1, 2, 5, and 10 with all the on level kids and the advanced kids quickly move towards working on the other fact families. One of my favorite games is ZANG.  You can't buy it a retail store, but you can order it online.  I bought mine at Amazon.

It is very much like Uno and the kids love it.   The kids have to say the fact as they put the card down.  They quickly learn that having a WILD CARD is part of the strategy to win.  So they have to figure out when it would be best to play it.  We hold a Zang tournament the last week of school and the kids complete against each other.  We make a Zang bracket and they watch each other play in totaly silence to see who wins!

The winner gets to play ME to become the ULTIMATE ZANG CHAMPION!

I first found this game many years ago when I was trying to help my son learn his facts.  He was struggling HORRIBLY and I tried everything...  then I found this game!  He learned them all in a matter of a week!  If you know a older kiddo struggling with these facts, give this card game a try.  It might be the answer.


Of course my favorite math game is BUMP!  We play it all year long for lots of different skills.  The game is really simple.  Here is a video I found to show you how to play.

The best part about BUMP is that TPT has a BUNCH of them for FREE!  You can find them for addition, subtraction, telling time, and much more!  Just click on this picture and it will take you to all the different BUMP games on TPT that are FREEBIES!

I hope that you try out some of these games so that the end of the year FLIES BY!

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Happy Teaching!

by Tracy Smith

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