3 Tips to Beat the Summer Slide

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3 Tips to Beat the Summer Slide

Summer is here and after the last few months, we all could use a little fun and sunshine! While summer is usually a time for family, being outdoors, and all things adventure, parents worry about the “summer slide” impacting their child’s education. 

Consider sharing some simple ways parents can combat the summer slide this summer with these 3 tips.

1. Toss out the idea of workbooks, repetitive worksheets, and boring routines. Instead engage students by sprinkling learning opportunities into their favorite activities! 

To keep the summer slide from happening include learning into the fun summer activities families already do. Think baking (measurement and multiplication), traveling (budgeting, decimals, money), pool activities (fractions, time).

2. Read for fun!

Encourage students to read 30 minutes a day, any topic, book, genre they want - it’s all about enjoyment. Families can have reading challenges to see who can read the most (minutes/pages/books) or even compete with another family friend! Another option is to read a series together before bed (kids are never too old to be read to!) or listen to books on tape while driving on vacation. 

3. Get creative 

Learning should be fun and families don’t want to spend their time together arguing about worksheets, packets, or flashcards. One idea I love to share with families is a summer math scavenger hunt.

  • Find a pool noodle. Make an educated guess at how long it is in feet or inches. Use a tape measure to see how close you are.
  • Find 4 beach umbrellas - record the different colors and use them to make fractions, simplify fractions, or find equivalent fractions 
  • Find an ice cream shop (or use a box of popsicles) and make a graph of the different flavors your family tries (to make this more challenging, keep track for the summer and add to the graph)
  • Find 5 summer items that measure less than 12 inches long.
  • Find a good book. Record the length of time you read for 3 sessions. Add up the 3 sessions to determine how long you read in hours and minutes. 
  • Find a new delicious recipe, double the recipe to practice adding fractions. 
  • Find 6 different types of red in nature when taking a walk.
  • Find a beach you’d like to visit. How many miles will you need to travel there and back? What if you want to go to the same beach 6 times this summer? 
  • Find your favorite summer food item in the pantry or refrigerator. Using the serving size and measurement information on the nutrition label determine how many cups/ounces/etc. are in the whole package?
  • Find 3 items you’d like to buy this summer. Practice adding decimals by determining the total amount of money you need to save to buy all 3 items.
  • Find 5 summer items that have both parallel and perpendicular lines. 

Keep it light and fun this summer, and remind families of the importance of play! 💜 If your students need support emotionally this summer more than academically, check out these amazing social-emotional learning activities you can try! Click here:https://shannonmareeteaching.com/social-emotional-activities-for-home/ 

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by Shannon Maree Teaching

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