Representation Matters

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Hi! I'm Meredith from Gore's Globetrotters. When I was setting up my classroom a few years ago, I took a hard look around and noticed a lack of representation. I looked around and thought, "When my new students walk into this classroom, who will they see?"

I love for my students to be surrounded by a variety of stories, but I had to ask myself, are they surrounded by stories that look like me or stories that look like them?

I realized the majority of the books in my classroom did not represent the majority of my students. 

I immediately got on Instagram and went to The Tutu Teacher and her other account, Diverse Reads, to look for recommendations. She has also just posted her curated list of diverse books recommendations on TPT.

Jillian Starr also shares lots of great book recommendations on her Instagram.

Here are links to some of the books I have ordered, shared, and loved with my students over the years (these are not affiliate links):

Here's another great list from Brittany Smith

Here's a great resource from Embrace Race about creating an anti-bias children's book collection

American Indians in Children's Literature provides many great book suggestions

As important as it is to represent the students in your classroom, it's just as important to represent those not in your classroom. I challenge you to reflect as you pack up your classrooms and think through what you want to add to your class for next year. Think about what you need to add. Purchase them or borrow from your school/local library. Create an Amazon wish list. Request that your librarian order them.

What are some others I should add to my collection? I love picture books, but I would love some chapter book suggestions!

by mere.gore

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