Two Stars and a Wish

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One of the my favorite (and also sometimes most frustrating) parts of teaching is working with a team of other teachers. I’ve worked at four different schools, each with its own personality and team dynamics. A few years ago, I had a teammate who did this wonderful procedure with his students during their writing time. One student would share a piece of writing, and then their classmates would share two stars and a wish about that piece of writing. The two stars were positive things, attributes of the writing that they enjoyed. The wish was feedback or suggestions about things the student could think about for their next writing piece. I loved so many things about this procedure. First, it allowed the student writer to hear and receive peer feedback. Additionally, it allowed the other students to think critically about what they were reading and hearing, to look for positive traits as well as parts that could be improved. And finally, I loved it because it inspired me to do the same for my own teaching at the end of each year.  

         Here in Georgia, school ended for us about a month ago. So I am removed enough from the school year to not be completely overwhelmed and burned out. There’s some distance between the end of the year and now, especially with all of last school year’s unique craziness. It’s also far enough away from the coming school year that I’m not already bogged down with my giant to-do list for the back-to-school season. So for me, it’s the perfect time to think about the past and do my personal version of two stars and a wish. 

When it makes sense for you, try doing your own version of two stars and a wish. Carve out the time to reflect honestly on your work last year. What are two things you did really well? Celebrate those! Put a plan in place to repeat them for next year. What is one wish for next year? Put your wish into writing and create a plan to make that wish come true! What practical steps do you need to take to turn your wish into reality?  Two stars and a wish is great for classroom teachers, but it also applies to life as a spouse, a parent, and a person! Take the time to reflect and make a plan! 

by Robyn from The Snodgrass Smart Store

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