Sight Word Videos

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Sight words help your child build a foundation for reading comprehension and fluency. 

What is the key to mastering the list of sight words? 

Practice and repeat! The more opportunities your child has to become familiar with these words, the better. So here are a few fun videos to keep these words fresh in your child's mind. If your child needs more help learning these works quickly, you can check out Best Ways To Teach Sight Words on my blog, Teach Magically.

1. The Sight Word Song- 

A rap to help with sight words using spelling. Also gives ideas for ways to practice.

2. Sight Word Rap 1-

Spelling beginning sight words in a rap.

3. Sight Word Songs Volume 1

Teaches each word by itself with spelling and uses the words in sentences.

4. Fry Sight Word Review

Goes over all the Fry Sight Words to say before Jack! There are 46 different videos that are about 2 minutes to practice all the Fry Words. FRY SIGHT WORD REVIEW

5. Sight Words Rock

Mr. Harry spells and kiddos repeat. There are a few videos 3-4 minutes long.

I hope this helps make learning sight words fun!

by Debora Marines

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