Hello Summer! Take a Break, you DESERVE it!

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Are you approaching summer or has your summer already started? Over here in Ohio, we've been off for about a week. This school year will go down as one to remember and/or one you wish you could forget. It was a real struggle to teach a new way, teach my own children and maintain a little normalcy. 
In typical fashion, as the summer ends, I feel I need to prepare for the next year. It is hard for me to NOT think about teaching and just enjoy my time. I am also a huge planner? Anyone that knows me knows that I'm organized and prepared well in advance. With the unknowns of what is to come, it sure is hard to plan. 
With all that being said, this summer I'm going to give myself some grace and I hope you do too! I can't plan for what I don't know. I have worked harder than I ever have, and I have put on a few Covid pounds.
So here's some advice that I'm trying to live by this summer...
1. Make time for yourself EVERYDAY, you deserve it!
Read a book, go for a walk, exercise, take a nap, or do anything that makes you happy!
2. Make time for your children. 
Force them to put their technology away and spend some time together. We have been playing cards, dominoes, and board games.  We have also tried cooking some new yummy recipes.
3. Spend some time with your significant other. 
If your life is as busy as mine, this can be difficult. We have been trying to spend time together everyday, even if it is doing yard work together. 
4. Try not to worry. 
We can't control what we don't know. I'm trying to let my mind not think of how things could be next year and just live in the moment.   
I hope you all get a little time to clear your head and enjoy your loved ones. 
Stay safe and enjoy your summer! Wishing you a relaxing break.

First Grade Roars

by Megan Mitchell

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