10 Alphabet Songs to Get Your Kids Moving and Learning

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If your kids are anything like mine, they love singing and dancing to any song that comes on. I'll often catch my kids singing their favorite songs from the radio while they are doing their work. My kids are always begging for me to play songs throughout the day. So why not!

I try to incorporate music and dance into my classroom as much as I can. We sing welcome songs, math songs, phonics songs, clean up songs, silly songs, songs all day long. I try to tie these songs into our lessons as much as I can and it helps the lesson "stick" with them better.

In the beginning of the school year, we focus a lot on the names of the letters and their sounds. Here are a few of our favorite letter songs that we like to sing all day long.

1. ABC Dance Medley - Jack Hartmann

This is a fun, upbeat song that mixes up a variety of musical styles while the kids practice the names of the letters.

2. Alphabet Song - Have Fun Teaching

This song begins with just the names of the letters then teaches the sounds of the letters.


3. I Know My ABCs - Harry Kindergarten

This catchy song teaches kids the names of the letters and sounds then it mixes the letters up and let's the kids name the letters and sounds on their own.


4. Alphabet Kickboxing - Dr. Jean

This is a fun song to get kids moving. They will punch out the letter names and sounds.


5. The Alphabet Song - Jack Hartmann

This song teaches kids the name and sound of each letter and shows a picture that begins with each letter.


6. Phonercise - Dr. Jean

Great way to keep kids active. Students will exercise to the letter names, sounds, and a word for each letter.


7. Learnin' My Letters - Harry Kindergarten

Your kids will love rapping as they practice the letter names and sounds.


8. Do You Know Your Alphabet - Mark D. Pencil & Harry Kindergarten

This fun song will help reinforce the letters of the alphabet.


9. ABC Jamboree - Storybots

Your kids will love the silly sentences to go with each letter of the alphabet.


10. Watch the Letters Get Down - Mister B

Fun song to get your kids moving and grooving to the letters!

What are some of your favorite alphabet songs to sing in the classroom? Let us know in the comments so we can all check them out too! 

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by Julie Davis

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