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Here in Georgia, teachers are gearing up for round two of virtual teaching/learning, with many schools headed back mid-August. While we all wrap our heads around what that looks like for the first two months, 1st semester, or on/off the entire school year, we hold onto what we know best, our kids. 

A school day lasts for nearly seven hours. That sounds like a lot of learning time until you take into account that the average adult's attention span is 20 minutes...ADULT'S. For children, it varies by year. I've read childhood development experts say that a child's attention span is 2-3 minutes per year of their age. Splitting up the amount of time students need to focus on a task into shorter blocks, will help them be more productive. Using Brain Breaks- activities/tasks that get students moving/provide processing time, between time chunks, help students regain focus.  

So, what can we as teachers, educators, parents, and childcare providers do to help our collective students navigate digital/home learning? Provide Brain Breaks! I wanted to share with you some ideas:

5 Minute Dance Party: Have 2-3 songs ready to go to rock out. Take turns making up/copying dance moves.  

Body Relaxation: Turn on some soothing music, and slowly change body positions, focusing on breath and movement. Focus on balance, pose, and breathing. 

30-15-30: Choose a move- jumping jacks, jog in place, knee highs, arm circles, sit ups, etc. Go ALL OUT for 30 seconds, rest for 15 seconds, then do another set of 30 seconds. 

Buddy Draw: Alternate taking turns adding something new to a scene. Decide how many rounds needed in the set.  

Finish the Picture: Incorporate graphics in creative ways. Check out this print/go Back to School FREEBIE

However back to school looks for you, hopefully you'll be able to use some of these ideas to help facilitate a student focused learning environment. I'd love to hear brain break ideas you've used with kids that help them refocus and get their minds/eyes of a screen. 

Until next month!

Keep Moving...

by Stephanie @ Spivey Sparks

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