This Summer Sucks (a letter to teachers)

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Dear Teacher,

Is summer teacher burnout a thing? How about summer teacher tired?

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No?! Then what do I call what I am feeling right now, mid-July, mid-summer? This was supposed to be a summer break, a summer off from thinking about things (and by things I mean school and distance learning in particular.)

Because I am feeling all the feels. I am feeling all the things.  And this, my fellow educator, is making me exhausted. I am burned out.

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These feelings are completely OKAY to have; what’s not okay is that they have ruined my summer.  Covid-19 already forced us to change plans and rearrange summer, but to not be able to sit on my deck and sip a white claw while reading my book is causing me extra anxiety.

Now, no one is telling me I can’t relax on my deck with a claws (not sponsored, but feel free to reach out to me for endorsement deals!) but I find myself unable to focus on the task of relaxing.

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This summer is definitely one for the books, and one of the least relaxing ones I have ever had.  This summer takes the cake, and wins the award for most dramatic performance. I am hoping a sequel isn’t in the works.

Summers in close contention for the award of $******t summer ever (in no particular order), but alas got beat out by Corona Summer of 2020:
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•Summer of moving from middle school to elementary. (circa 2011)
•Summer of the jump from 5th grade to Kindergarten and trying to plan all the things. (circa 2018) **Side bar: I actually LOVED learning all about the littles, just found myself super busy.
•Summer of all the grad classes, working at a bar for additional income, and up all hours of the night trying to fit it all in. (circa 2003/2004)

How many times have you been asked this summer what is happening in the fall?  How many people have started a dialogue telling you their opinions (which rarely do you care to hear or rarely are based on science and facts)?

PSA to all non-teachers who may be reading my snark here...STOP ASKING US ABOUT THE FALL!!! (Yes, that was all in caps and had extra exclamation points because I am yelling and do want my point to come across.)  People, politicians and admin, above our pay grade, are making these decisions, and rarely asking for educators/school staff's opinions and thoughts on these things.  We have no idea what the fall will look like, don't know how sports or events are going to work, are not sure what a hybrid-model of learning looks like, etc.  We. Don't. Know.  This is precisely a reason I have not been able to relax this summer.

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Okay, I digress.

I really wanted to let other educators know that this summer has been an OFF one for all of us. It’s okay to have conflicting emotions. It’s perfectly normal to cry in your bathtub with the lights off (well maybe not normal, but I have done it, so you’re not alone.)

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I don’t know if/when things will get better for me (or the masses of educators.) Maybe when school plans for the fall are released...maybe when educators get a pay raise...maybe in November...

Educators & school staff, I hear and see you. I am right along side you with these emotions, these fears, these questions, these feelings.  This summer sucks and not being able to truly relax is frustrating and quite frankly, unfair. But, we will get through this. We will become stronger as a field and profession.  And we will have happy hours (virtual or IRL) to process through things and support one another.

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by Sara from Draz's Class

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  1. Yes to every single word! I can’t seem to focus. I start one task, then decide I’m not in the mood for that task so I switch to something else... day after day after day. I’m exhausted from overthinking and trying to answer all of my colleagues questions. I know we will get through this but I’m exhausted and school hasn’t even started. 😳😷

  2. Wow! It's like you read my mind! I'm determined to be positive, but it's stinking hard work! I've actually been helping my husband put up new trim, because it takes my mind completely off of school. I'm also learning to play Mario Kart 8. I'm OLD(ish) and not really a video game girl, but it's been fun. Thanks for putting into words what we're all feeling! As you said, we will be okay and will handle all the things when the time comes. Hope you have a wonderful year despite all the craziness.
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