How To Make Your Own Plantable Seed Paper

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Learn how to make seed paper! It's a fun activity for kids. Making seed stationary is exciting, but watching it sprout is the most satisfying part! Read on to learn how.

Oh 2020, you've been quite the curveball. Dealing with quarantine while preparing for school reopenings, I just...  have no words. But I digress. That's a post for another day. Today I'm sharing a fun activity for kids. We're making plantable seed paper! 

Those of us with kids are scrambling to find activities and projects to keep them busy this summer. With quarantine restrictions changing everyday, we're doing our best to stay inside as much as possible. We've kept busy doing ALL THE THINGS (but also a lot of nothing too). We've been coloring, crafting, journaling, building, and playing. But  we were looking to do something different. The kids wanted to do a "special project" so I got thinking.

We made plantable seed paper a few years ago and loved it so much, I thought that would fit the bill for our fun special project (You can read my first post about making plantable seed stationary and a bunch of other handmade gifts here). It's fun, rewarding, and doesn't require any special materials. You probably have everything you need to make seed paper, so no need to run out to the store. #stayhome #pajamalife #usinghashtagswrong

What is Plantable Seed Paper and What Do You Do With It?

Plantable seed paper is pretty much what it sounds like. It's a piece of paper that you can actually plant and grow! Write someone a note on seed paper and they'll be able to plant it and sprout some wildflowers (or whatever seeds you use).

Once you make your own seed paper, you'll want to give it to everyone you know. Here are a few things you can do with your plantable seed paper:

  • Use your seed paper as gift tags. Write the name of your gift recipient on your seed paper, pin a hole, and tie it onto your gift. How cute!
  • Write affirmations on your seed paper tags. Then plant them and watch them grow.
  • If you're hosting a baby or bridal shower, give them out as favors. Way better than most boring favors, amirite?
  • If you're a teacher, have students write their names on them. Make a science project out of it and allow the students to experiment and observe their seedlings as they grow.
  • Make a small hole and thread a ribbon through the top for a plantable Christmas ornament.
  • Seed Paper would be the cutest gift for your child's teacher. Have them write their name or a little message for a gift that is both sentimental and useful.
  • Leave them blank and give them to a loved one as a gift. Let them decide how to use their plantable seed paper!

Seed Paper Card Freebie

You can download this free Seed Paper Gift Tag (below) from Exceptional Thinkers. It's a cute little note to include with your plantable seed paper gift. The note explains what to do with the seed paper and how to care for it. Tip: If you mail your plantable seed paper, make sure to slide a piece of cardboard into the envelope so it doesn't get crushed in transit. Hope you love this freebie:


How to Make Plantable Seed Paper


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Plantable Seed Paper Instructions

  1. Tear your paper into tiny pieces. The smaller the better. Using a shredder makes this step much easier.
  2. Place your paper pieces in a bowl of water and let them soak. We let ours soak overnight but you probably don't have to wait that long.
  3. Once your paper is good and soaked, scoop it up with a mesh strainer or slotted spoon. Try to shake out some of the water. That'll make the later steps easier.
  4. Blend your paper until it looks like a pile of mush. At this point, you'll start to question if this will work and how this paper mush will turn into plantable seed stationary. But have faith and tread on.
  5. Add your seeds to the pulp and GENTLY mix them in. Be careful and remember that seeds are delicate. They won't survive if you're too rough with this step, so be extra gentle while mixing them in. And I don't know if this needs to be said, but don't blend your seeds. 
  6. Place your cookie cutters onto a piece of wax paper. Gently fill your cookie cutters with the paper pulp. They'll need to be packed in well to hold their shape so press them in (but don't crush them). Once you've formed your paper shapes, gently remove the cookie cutters.
  7. Your seed paper shapes should still be pretty wet at this point and we'll need to dry them as much as possible. Blot them as well as you can using paper towels. Keep blotting them and try to soak up as much of the moisture as you can.
  8. If it's a sunny or hot day, lay them outside to speed up the drying process. Flip them over after a few times to dry the bottom too. Keep flipping them to evenly dry them out. It was cold and rainy the times we made ours so it took DAYS for them to dry. So trust me, if laying them outside is option, go for it and save yourself some time.
  9. Once they're dry, you can write on your plantable seed paper, thread a ribbon through the top (be careful doing this because they'll be very delicate), or just plant them as is. Have fun with your plantable seed paper!

Picking The Best Seeds for Your Seed Paper

There's something so satisfying about creating your own paper. But watching those sprouts pop up is the most amazing experience! I recommend choosing a plant that sprouts quickly. If you've ever grown seeds with kids, you already know how impatient they can be waiting for those first signs of growth.

We've tried chia seeds, beans, peas, wildflowers, cucumbers, lettuce, sunflowers, and just about any other seed there is. Our new favorite is growing radishes because they sprout super quick (two days!) and you have ready- to- eat radishes in three or four weeks. Now, getting my kids to eat radishes... well, that's a different story. Any seed would work, but I'd go with one that is hardy and quick to sprout.

I wouldn't say that making seed paper is an everyday activity, but it's certainly fun for a once- in- a- while activity. It was perfect for our "special project" during quarantine. If you're on the hunt for more activities to do with your kids at home, check out my post on sensory bins and my first post that mentions seed paper along with lots of other handmade gift ideas.

I have more fun activities for kids over at my blog Exceptional Thinkers. You'll find these posts and more:

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Free Stuff!

Make sure to grab that adorable Seed Paper Gift Note if you plan on giving seed paper to your loved ones. And if you like free stuff, head over to the freebie section of my TPT store where you'll find tons of goodies. Click here to see all my TPT FREEBIES.  Let me know how your seed paper turns out in the comments below. Have an awesome day!

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