Bilingual Books for Kids

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Bilingual books for kids are a great way to learn a new language! Since I teach Spanish, this post will focus on Spanish-English bilingual books for kids. However, there are lots of options in many other languages as well.

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Bilingual Books for Babies & Toddlers

Do you think you shouldn't start reading to your child because he or she is just a baby or toddler? As a matter of fact, kids are never too young to be exposed to bilingual books! Therefore, here are some great titles for babies and toddlers to get you started!

First, this board book for baby to age 4 is fabulous! Specifically, the book is a Lil’ Libros Bilingual Counting Book.

Bilingual Books for Kids

From Amazon: Introduce your little one to the life of one of Mexico's most iconic painters, Frida Kahlo, while teaching them their numbers, 1 to 10, in English and Spanish. Count una casa azul (one blue house), tres flores (three flowers), and cinco retratos (five portraits).

Additionally, other books in this series include: The Life of - La Vida De Selena, Zapata: Colors - Colores, Loteria: First Words / Primeras Palabras and La Catrina: Emotions - Emociones. I love this series because little ones get both language and culture!

Next, this book that teaches animal names in English and Spanish is perfect for little ones!

Unquestionably, the bright colors and photographs will immediately grab kids' attention. Further, the board book format is just right for small hands! Moreover, check out these additional bilingual children's books from bestselling children's book author Roger Priddy: Bilingual Bright Baby: Colors, First 100 Words Bilingual: Primeras 100 palabras, and Bright Baby Bilingual Touch & Feel: Numbers.

Finally, Margaret Wise Brown's classic children's bedtime story Goodnight Moon, with timeless illustrations by Clement Hurd, has lulled generations of children to sleep. In fact, I must've read the English version to my own kids a million times! Now, for the first time, this beloved children's book is available as a bilingual Spanish-English board book.

Bilingual Books

Bilingual Picture Books

To begin, you can't go wrong with classic Dr. Seuss! From Amazon:

This all-new rhymed bilingual edition of The Cat in the Hat is the perfect introduction for Spanish-speaking children to the wonderful world of Dr. Seuss. 

Now in a larger size trim to accommodate the English and the Spanish text, the new translation was written by Puerto Rican poet and children's book author Georgina Lázaro, and by Teresa Mlawer—one of the most respected figures in Spanish publishing. This new rhymed translation retains the fun of the original text, so that both Spanish-speakers and English-speakers can enjoy reading Dr. Seuss story in two languages.

Bilingual Books for Kids

Next is one of my favorite stories. In addition to learning Spanish, kids will learn the value of friendship, as well the importance of being yourself. This bilingual book is a must-read for kids!!

Further, another of my very favorite characters is Curious George. Therefore, I was SO excited to find this awesome treasury of 8 bilingual stories all in one book! This hardcover collection includes Curious George Takes a Train (2002), Curious George Visits a Toy Store (2002), Curious George and the Dump Truck (1999), Curious George and the Birthday Surprise (2003), Curious George Goes Camping (1999), Curious George Goes to a Costume Party (2001), Curious George Visits the Library (2003), and Curious George in the Big City (2001).

Finally, one of my ALL TIME favorite bilingual books for kids is Mañana Iguana. Because of this, I frequently use it, as well as other books from the series, in my lessons (check out my post on Spanish Numbers that includes Count on Culebra). From Amazon:

Iguana is planning a fiesta, but her lazy trio of friends loses out in this clever update of the story of the Little Red Hen, with a Mexican twist. A glossary of Spanish words is included.

This series is super cute, and makes learning about various concepts while learning Spanish really fun!

Bilingual Books for Early & Emergent Readers

There are six eggs in Mother Hen's nest, but only five eggs hatch! The sixth egg goes on a rollicking romp through the barnyard—and finally into Mother Hen's waiting wings.

This adorable book for early readers is the perfect way to practice reading in both English and Spanish. Other books in this series include ¿Qué día es hoy?/What Day Is It? (Green Light Readers Level 1), Daniel's Pet/Daniel y su mascota, (Green Light Readers Level 1), and Tumbleweed Stew/Sopa de matojos (Green Light Readers Level 2).  

Another fun bilingual Curious George book is Jorge el curioso y la piñata. George is back, this time in a book where early readers can practice while learning Spanish too!

At a birthday party, Curious George discovers how hard it is to hit a piñata without being able to see. He sets out on a trek around the city with the help of Charkie, the dog, to explore using his other senses. When he returns to the party, George applies his heightened senses to make a direct hit at the piñata ! Activities include fun suggestions for exploring your senses and a five senses quiz.

This book is a mix of popular and unknown tales, including el patito feo (the ugly duckling), la cenicienta (cinderella), and pulgarcito (tom thumb). Includes MP3 so kids can listen along!

More Bilingual Books for Kids!

There are simply too many wonderful bilingual books for kids to include in one post! Do you have a favorite that was not mentioned? Please leave it in a comment so we can all share! Happy reading!!

by Marcy | Fabulous Classroom

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