Quick Guide to Play

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A mix of activeimaginative and creative play makes for a balanced emotional and social diet of children. Some children prefer to spend most of their time with one certain type of play. 
There is nothing wrong in liking one game or toy, but a balanced diet of play is best for development of every child. It's good for a child to play in lots of different ways.

What are the Different Types of Play?

  1. Creative Play
  2. Active Play
  3. Imaginative Play

CREATIVE PLAY is about drawing, painting, playing music, cooking, or making something. 

It doesn't matter what a child makes and the results don't really matter. Through creative play, your child expresses emotions and thoughts through the process. Your child will discover cause and effect and develop pride in the final product. Check out some creative ways to play that build fine motor skills here.

ACTIVE PLAY is how a child moves in the world

It is hopping, running, jumping, catching, dancing etc. These activities build strength and boost coordination which help develop gross motor skills. You can check out How to Build Gross Motor Skills Easily

IMAGINATIVE PLAY starts in a child's mind. 

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Through imaginative play your child begins to understand the world and investigate fact and fiction.

Imaginative play can be: 
  • playing a word game
  • role-playing 
  • creating a new game 
  • giving a voice to toys
  • inventing adventures  
  • putting on plays
Be sure to check out how to Build Confidence Through Play.

by Debora Marines

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