Getting Organized with Google Keep

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Getting Organized with Google Keep

If you are like me, you have a million things constantly running through your head. It's tough to keep track of everything! Because of this, I needed to find a way to help me keep track of everything without loosing my mind. That's when I discovered Google Keep.

What is Google Keep

Google Keep is an app you can use on your phone (or use on your computer and sync the two together) to keep checklists, notes, reminders, etc. You can create reminders with alarms and even use this in other Google products (like adding in those adorable digital stickers when grading work). The best everything else in Google, it's FREE!
I use Google Keep to try to get out all the mental clutter in my mind - to-do lists, reminders, class list, grocery list, websites to check out, websites I need to remember, etc. I can go on and on with how I use it. It's been a life saver for me.

This Checklist can be used to create a class list and so much more! Notice the background color is changed. This is to let you find notes/lists much faster.


When you create a Note in Google Keep, you have a couple of options - Note, Checklist, Note with Image, and Note with Drawing. My two favorites are the Checklist and Note. For example, I use the Checklist for my class list. It's amazing how many times I use it in school - to check off students that turned in their work, mark off students that are not following directions, etc. I use the Note for inventorying all of my monthly bins - which class sets of books, decorations, etc. It keeps me from having to constantly opening them to see what I have. Even at home, I have access to the resources that I have available at school.
In Google Keep, you have the option to color code everything. I use this one a lot too. I have school related lists in one color, personal lists in another, etc. It helps me to find them faster when I look at them visually. You can also add cute headers to visually track your lists. 

Just a few components available!
If you don't use Google Keep yet, I suggest you try it soon. It will be nice to get everything off of your mind and written down so you have the energy to get other things done, like organizing your home, Google Drive, computer...

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Beth, Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

Google Keep is an amazing FREE tool that is perfect to use in the classroom as well as for personal reasons. This blog post shares how to use Google Keep for both these uses. Now is the time to get organized personally and professionally! #teachers #technologytips {Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Teachers}

by Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

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