An Egg-cellent Way to Prep for Standardized Testing!

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Testing.  I said it.  It's the dreaded elephant in the room that has been on every teacher's mind since returning to school in January.  In my area, end of year standardized testing is soon after Easter.  When I taught 3rd grade in 2010, a few of my students saw the kindergarten classes having an egg hunt, and I overheard one of the boys say, "I wish I were still in kindergarten so we could have an egg hunt!"  My heart sank, because I wanted them to be able to join in the fun, too.  That afternoon this egg-cellent idea was born!  The next morning, I announced, "Kids, we are having an egg hunt next week!"  Thank goodness our class was in a mobile classroom, (aka trailer).  They were SO egg-cited

To get started, I teamed up with my grade level buddy and we sent home a letter to parents asking for candy and plastic egg donations.  (Freebie: Parent Letter) We printed out end of unit tests from the entire year and cut questions into strips to fill the eggs.  On the day of the hunt, we hid our test prep eggs in an area outside of the school during planning.  The kids used plastic grocery bags as their baskets.  After finding all of the eggs, we came inside and got to work.  As students completed questions, they brought them to us, and if the answer was correct, they could choose a piece of candy. 

The activity took about 90 minutes from hunt to candy.  Students were SO engaged, and thought this was the best test prep review!    

Testing is inevitable!  Preparing for them, can still be fun!  What is an engaging way you've prepped for the upcoming testing season?

Happy Egg Hunting!


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by Stephanie @ Spivey Sparks

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