Calming Down

7:30 AM

Calming down strong feeling can be so difficult for young students.  We have been practicing ways to help calm down!  It has made such an improvement in our classroom!

1st-Say "stop" and place your hands on your belly.
2nd-Name your feeling.
3rd-Take deep belly breaths.
4th-Use self talk.

We practiced walking around the room to music.  When the music stopped, you had to be still, not move, and be quiet. (This can be so difficult for the students!)  When the music started, you could walk around the room.

I model exactly what I would do:
 Place my hand on my belly. 
"I feel excited!"
I take 3 deep belly breaths in through my nose and out my mouth.
I sub-vocalize-"I need to not move.  I can be quiet. I can stay still."

Then we practice!

The ability to wait is an important part of emotional management!  Research shows that students with delayed gratification skills tended to get better grades in high school, scored better on achievement tests, and and showed more social-emotional competence in adolescence and adulthood. So it is important to practice!

After the game is finished, reflect on the skills needed to stay calm and follow the rules for this silly fun game!

You can even increase this challenge!
1.-Work on attention by progressively making the music softer.
2.-Work on inhibitory control by increasing the wait time before the music begins.
3.-Work on working memory by giving a shape for the freeze (hands on hips).

Keep practicing to help your students learn and grow so you will have a magical classroom!  Hope you get a chance to visit our magical class!  Click the button below!

Let us know, what do you do to wait patiently?

by Debora Marines

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