Bunnies and Easter FUN!

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Want to put some fun into your April math plans?

You came to the RIGHT PLACE!

Several years ago I realized that many of the "fun" things I did were just that... FUN!

I didn't want to loose my easter egg hunt, making paper chains at Christmas, and all those things I remember doing when I was in elementary school.  I had to get creative.  How could I use all my "fun" activities that weren't exactly educational by the new standards?

So I had to THINK!

Welcome Number Sentence Egg Hunt!

Students will hunt for a set of three eggs that complete an equation.  Once they find an equation, they bring the eggs to you so that you can check their eggs.  If they have a correct equation, they can put their eggs in their basket.  If not, they have to put the eggs back into the grass and try again.

So how do you do this?

Get a few packages of eggs.  One year I bought them all and then I thought I would ask my parents.  I was pleasantly surprised that not only did I get a TON of eggs, but many of them sent in candy too!  I like to have at least 9 eggs per student.    Take three different colored eggs and write the numbers from an equation on them.  We are rocking out addition this year, so all of our eggs for the hunt this year will be working on subtraction.

Here are two different "equation" sets.  The first time I tried this I just wrote the numbers on them... HUGE FAIL!  Too many of the equations ended up getting mixed up and we ended up with a bunch of mismatched eggs.  So to combat that issue, I put the sign and equal sign on them.  This has helped make sure all the eggs end up matching up.

Make at least 3 sets for each kid and put a piece of candy inside.  (VERY IMPORTANT NOTE -  to all of us in the SOUTH - avoid chocolate!  One year it was really sunny and all of our treats were a melted mess!)

Pick an area of grass and spread them out and let the hunt begin!

This is one of the BEST activities ever!
Math + Easter Eggs = FUN!

Each holiday I try to create some math problems with a holiday theme.  It is much more fun to solve math problems about dying Easter eggs than just regular old boring problems.  You can download this set of Bunny Math Problems for free!  Just click on the picture to get this freebie!

I'm always trying to add some writing to our math lessons.  Who doesn't love writing your OWN problems.  My kids love this part!

Giving them specific numbers to use in their problem helps them see the different ways to think about math.  They love sharing them with their neighbors or with the whole class.  You can have them give their problem to a partner to solve.  This way they can play teacher!

Holiday themed word problems are a great way to add some fun to your math lessons!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Happy Teaching!

by Tracy Smith

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