Get Your Socks On ~ March 21st is National Down Syndrome Day!

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Did you know about World Down Syndrome Day?

Click here or on the logo to go to the main web site!  Luckily, my sister mentioned this day to me on the phone so I got right to work researching it.

 Background Story

In December of 2009, the United Nations General Assembly decided that  March 21st would be World Down Syndrome Day.  March 21st was chosen because it represents the third copy of chromosome 21 which results in the most common form of Down syndrome.  The goal of this day is to raise awareness, gain support and recognize the importance of people living with Down syndrome throughout the world.

I found this information on Time. Com:

Here are five things you need to know about Down syndrome.
1. Down syndrome is caused by an extra set of chromosome 21. Every cell in the body has 23 pairs of chromosomes, one from each parent, but Down occurs when one parent contributes extra genetic material. Older mothers have a higher chance of having a Down baby.
2. More than 400,000 people live with Down in the U.S.
3. The most common symptoms of Down include cognitive delays, low muscle tone and a small stature.
4. People with Down can lead full, independent lives. They are, however, at higher risk of developing heart, respiratory problems and certain cancers.
5. People with Down are living much longer than in the past, thanks to treatments for their health issues. While the average life expectancy in 1983 was 25 years, today it is 60 years.

 How to Celebrate

This is the easy and fun part!  To celebrate wear wild, mismatched and crazy socks!  Or, wear super bright clothing.  The goal is for people to ask you why you are dressed like this so you can tell them about World Down Syndrome Day.  According to the World Down Syndrome web site:

The choice is yours, but we ask you to join us wearing something which people will ask you about so that you can tell them all about WDSD. It is easy to do, so whether you are at home, nursery, school, college, university, work, play, travel, holiday or anywhere, join in!
On 21 March, wear #LOTSOFSOCKS and invite all your friends, family and colleagues to do the same.

 This is an amazing and worthwhile reason to wear mismatched socks.  If you do decide to participate, please make sure to use the hashtags:  #LOTSOFSOCKS; #MyVoiceMyCommunity
or #WDSD17.  The more awareness we bring to this day can make a big difference!

Let us know if you decide to celebrate this special day ~ we'd love to hear from you!

by Susan K.

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