Pinching Not Allowed In My Classroom!

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Happy St. Patrick's DAY

St. Patrick’s Day is a Fun Holiday for students.  They love talking about seeing a leprechaun and finding a pot of gold

  However, there is one habit many students like to follow: 

Pinch Someone if They Aren’t Wearing Green! 

Pinching causes a ruckus, and sometimes tears for our little ones.

Solution to this Problem:

ØRun these shamrocks off on green paper.  If you don’t have green paper of any kind, the students can color and cut out a shamrock.
Now, write their name to be

Irish for the Day!  

ØSimply write their first name on the shamrock.
Then when you write their last name, write O’______  in front of it. 

  Now their name sounds Irish.

Ø   Using a safety pin (straight pins don’t stay as well) pin their Shamrock to their shirt.

 Everyone is Now Wearing Green!

  Chaos has been avoided! 

The students can focus on enjoying 

St. Patrick’s Day!

 Added to this resource are sample resources using storybook character names. 

 It would be fun to write about these characters and what they might do on 

St. Patrick’s Day!

Here is a link to this resource!  I hope your students enjoy it, and you have a calm St. Patrick's Day!

 No Pinching Allowed


by Learning Whimsically at Mickey's Place

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