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Who doesn't stress about getting everything in during the school day. At my school we have been peeling back the layers of
programs and curriculum and getting down to the nitty gritty of teaching the standards. Each grade level met over the course of several weeks and listed out each standard. Under each stand we placed sticky notes to show how we addressed that standard. I was amazed that under most ELA standards were stickys with the words Morning Message. What is Morning Message?
Morning message is a short handwritten message to the class. During this short meeting time I am able to cover many standards. Repetition is important for young learners. During my morning message I continue to practice skills while bringing in new learning each week. For example I start with a sentence begins with a capital. My helper for the week will circle all the capitals at the beginning of each sentence. Each week we look for capitals and circle. Every two weeks I will add a new skill. This week we are working on contractions, so my message has several contractions in it.  My students also love the Morning Message because it gets them prepared for the day.  I always include upcoming events, sentences with our spelling words or their new favorite is riddles. I love to see my students come in and the first thing they do is look for the message of the day. When I bring them to the carpet they will say " Oh I already ready read that!" How thrilling is that?
 To practice fluency throughout the day, I place the Morning Message in the Reading Center. Students can read the message throughout the day and they love to go back and read previous messages also.
Make sure your messages are planned and purposeful and I think you will begin to see the power of the Morning Message.

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by The Primary Sisters

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