Make Your Own Holiday Classroom Project and Giveaway!

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Who doesn't love the idea of their own, personal holiday!  Did you know that March 26th is Make Your Own Holiday Day?  It really is!  How fun is that?!  Since I love the idea of writing about anything and everything, I just had to have some fun with Make Your Own Holiday Day.  And, because I have also hit my 1,000th follower on TpT, it's coming your way for FREE!  

Yes, you read that right!  For a limited time, this product will be offered for free on my TpT store!  But, why write?  Let's get back to what really matters, the writing!

Students need multiple opportunities to express themselves to become great writers.  By offering something of high interest to them, you are raising the chances of fully engaging students in the writing process.  That means choice!  With a simple writing prompt like this, you are still controlling the topic enough that you are not trying to meet the needs of every student's different topic, yet there are endless ideas with this prompt.  This allows students to be creative and different from their peers, all while giving you the chance to model, model, model.  

If you are not taking the time to model good writing-stop right there!  Even with my third graders, I constantly model the writing process.  You cannot leave it to chance that they will "get it".  With the extent of expectations in the upper grades due to testing, you should be modeling everything for them!  How to write a good intro, how transition words work, how each body paragraph should be, and how the closing works!  Teachers ask me all the time how I get great writers-there it is!  Modeling, over and over, even when I don't feel like it!  It is the secret to building great writers!  

So, I challenge you to try out a fun, open ended prompt by grabbing my FREEBIE over at my store!  But, then come quickly back and enter my great giveaway!  I've joined up with Beth over at The Pinning Librarian to give away 4 great prizes and you could win one of them!  We are giving away the following prizes: a $300 Amazon Gift Card, a $100 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card,  a $60 Barnes and Noble Gift Card, and a $50 LuLaRoe Emily Goodyear Gift Card!  How AWESOME is that!  Jump on the Rafflecopter now and enter because there are LOTS of opportunities to get entries in!  

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Thanks for stopping by for some great Conversations!  

by Julie from The Best Days Classroom

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